Code Red: Essential Coding for Every Neurosurgeons

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Twice a month, AANS Neurosurgeon’s Code Red brings neurosurgeons tips for coding various procedures. Check back often for new tips and follow us on Twitter @AANSNeurosurg to receive Code Red in real time.

This Week’s Code Red

Why do some companies pay 69990 with 63030 and some don’t? What is the recourse if some don’t?  #AANSCodeRed Answer: CPT guidelines allow for reporting of +69990 but 63030 is not one of the codes where CMS reimburses +69990.

Clemens M. Schirmer, MD, PhD, FAANS

Past Tips

There is a new ICD-10 code for spinal stenosis with claudication: M48.062. This covers both anatomy and symptomatology and thus appropriate for both E and M and surgical coding.

Jack Knightly, MD, FAANS

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